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Bell exists to inspire and enable the next generation of boundary breakers. It is built from auto racing, motorcycle, and bicycle culture. They don't just make helmets; they make possibilities. Born in a garage. Fueled by grease and will. Guided by pure intent to encourage the world to live, ride, drive and thrive. Hand-in-hand with the world's best drivers and riders, Bell continues to enable the world's best to be their it always has. Bell - Established in 1954. Proven ever since.

  • Replacement face shield for Bell Star (2015 models and earlier), Vortex, RS-1, Revolver, and Qualifier helmets.
  • 3Mode Shield for instant on-bike shield adjustments, and ClickRelease for the fastest, easiest, tool-free shield swaps ever.
  • Features Bell's exclusive NutraFog II anti-fog, anti-scratch and UV-protected coating.
  • Race versions have posts for tear-offs (tear-offs sold separately).
  • Note: Compatible only with Bell ClickRelease shield system.

Bell's 3Mode Shield allows for one-finger toggling between Lock Mode, Friction Mode, and Crack Mode. Lock Mode is the shield's firmest and quietest setting. It not only locks down the shield but pulls it tightly to the gasket, creating a water-tight seal. The Friction Mode allows the shield to be freely adjusted from fully closed to fully open and anywhere in between. Crack Mode disengages the shield from the gasket and lifts it about 1/4" to help prevent fogging, a particularly useful setting at stoplights. A quick touch of the 3Mode Lever brings the shield back into Lock Mode.

ClickRelease was designed for the quickest, easiest shield swaps ever. To remove, simply fully open the shield and depress the ClickRelease Triggers. For installation, just align shield pivots in the fully open position and push until they click into place.