BuffMax - Buffer Tank

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 Material Carbon Steel
Working Pressure 150 PSI
Hydrostatic Test 195 PSI

The BuffMax from Thermo 2000 is a 3-in-1 solution that acts as a buffer tank, storage tank, and hydraulic separator. It is recommended to optimize the performance of several different types of heating systems: low-mass boilers, biomass systems, geothermal and heat pump applications, multi-zone systems, and solar energy systems. The BuffMax is synonymous with versatility.

The tank is made of high-density carbon steel. All joints are arc-welded using the MIG/Argon method. The tank is designed for a maximum allowable working pressure of 150 psi and undergoes a hydrostatic test of 195 psi. The tank’s outer steel surface is coated with baked powder-based paint.


  • The tank has a total of 4 openings, 2 on each side
  • 1/2’’ automatic air vent with a shut-off valve for easy replacement.
  • 1/2’’ diameter temperature and pressure indicator on the front
  • Immersion well included
  • Three 1/2’’ connections for the location of the well or to enable wells to be added
  • 2’’ HFC-free polyurethane insulation limiting heat loss to 1/2°F per hour
  • 3/4’’ drain valve located at the lowest point of the tank
  • The tank has adjustable legs
  • ASME models have lifting lugs
 Model Volume (gal) Standard Connections MNPT 
BUFF-30 30 1 1/2 inch
BUFF-50 50 2
BUFF-80 80 2 1/2 inch
BUFF-120 120 3 inch