BRK First Alert - FG250B Dual Ionization Smoke Alarm with 9-volt Battery

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Alarm Type Smoke
Power Source Battery
Interconnects No
Battery 9V Alkaline Battery Backup

Smoke Alarms
 BRK First Alert Smoke Detectors,Fire Safety,Home Safety,Smoke Alarm
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The BRK First Alert FG250B ionization smoke alarm is a great economical choice for a battery powered smoke alarm in a multi-family home. The BRK FG250B smoke alarm is specifically designed for use in residential and institutional dwellings where hardwiring may be difficult. 

The FG250B is compliant with UL217, CSFM, NFPA72, NFPA101 and other agencies. The FG250B comes equipped with a silence feature in the event of a false alarm. Should voltage drop below the sufficient level the horn will chirp approximately once per minute to indicate a fresh battery is needed.


  • Hinged cover for easy battery replacement
  • Lighted Power and Alarm indicator
  • Silence feature
  • Tamper resistant locking pin
  • 9V battery operated
  • 10-Years Limited Warranty

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