BRK First Alert - CO511B Wireless Interconnect Battery Carbon Monoxide Alarm w/ Voice

$ 38.49
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Alarm Type Carbon Monoxide
Power Source Battery
Interconnects Yes - Wireless 
Battery AA Batteries

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The First Alert CO511B OneLink Wireless Battery Powered Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Voice provides a cost-effective solution when it comes to renovation and retrofit projects where interconnectability is a requirement. Easily interconnect between floors and new to existing construction wirelessly.

Keeping multiple alarms connected has never been easier. The First Alert CO511B can easily and wirelessly connect to up to seventeen other alarms, eliminating the trouble and time of running wiring through walls. The First Alert CO511B comes with two silence options one to quiet the low battery alarm and the other to silence an unnecessary alarm. With a frequency of 915 MHz, you won't need to worry about unreliable connections between alarms. The First Alert CO511B offers up to three channels and a whopping 65,000 possible security codes. There is no need to worry about the possibility of not hearing the alarm when it sounds.

The First Alert CO511B is equipped with an 85-decibel alarm and runs on two AA batteries, making it easy to hear and easy to maintain. The battery door even alerts you of low power by flashing. The First Alert CO511B  is sure to cover all of your CO alarm needs.

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