BRK First Alert - 7030BSL Smoke & Carbon Monoxide alarm with Strobe LED

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Alarm Type Smoke, CO & Strobe Light
Power Source Hardwired
Photoelectric & Electrochemical
Interconnects Yes
Battery 10 Year

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The BRK 7030BSL is a wired photoelectric smoke and carbon monoxide alarm with a powerful integrated strobe alarm that features a powerful LED strobe that's proven to be extremely efficient in providing assistance for individuals with hearing impairments. The intuitive use of a Smart Strobe light carries the ability to distinguish between Smoke and CO dangers. First Alert Hardwired LED Smoke Alarms include a wide compatibility range and can be interconnected with First Alert and BRK Smoke, CO, Smoke/CO Combination and Heat alarms (up to 18 detectors, 12 can be smoke alarms).

This BRK alarm should be hardwired in a 120V AC/DC application and it has battery backup capabilities. The 10-Year Sealed Battery Backup will keep the alarm ready in cases of power outages. The BRK smoke alarm with strobe clearly indicates when it is powered properly and when it needs to be replaced.

This model of BRK smoke alarm is especially effective when hearing-impaired alarms are necessary. The 7030BSL meets UL Standards and fulfills the requirements of the American with Disabilities Act. Plus, it's easy to install, providing fast security against fire threats.

Includes a 10-year limited warranty. 



  • AC Powered with 10-Year Battery Backup
  • Integrated Combination Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm & Strobe Light-saves installation times and costs!
  • Smart Strobe- Separate flash patterns to distinguish between smoke and carbon monoxide
  • 177 Candela Synchronized LED-Powerful LED strobe light provides effective visual warning intended to waken hearing impaired residents. When multiple units installed, strobes flash in unison
  • 1 HZ Flash Rate
  • Optipath 360 Technology ™- Provides 360 degrees of direct access to the smoke sensing chamber
  • Slim design
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty


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