Brinno - ACC1000P Camera Clamp Plus

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Brinno’s new Camera Clamp Plus (ACC1000P) is DURABLE in material, ADJUSTABLE in grip, FLEXIBLE in tilt angle. The patented tool kit captures any viewing angle of time-lapse filming you desire. It makes construction monitoring much easier.

Hold Tight to Any Surface



  • Industry-grade Clamp: The Camera Clamp Plus is made of durable 304 stainless steel providing exceptional resistance to corrosion and rust. We designed ACC1000P to meet the tough demands for harsh industrial environment. The clamp provides excellent clamping force and flexible clamp range.
  • Hold Tight to Any Surface: The cubic jaws of the Clamp have two grip sides: Irregular and Grooved. Use the right grip to hold firmly on to any shaped surface, outdoors or indoors.
  • Extendable Clamping Range: Constructed with multiple heavy-duty extension poles, giving adjustable clamping range between 0.04" ( 1mm) and 3.5" (90 mm), and further extendable to a MAX of 10.6" (270 mm). You'll always get the right clamping performance no matter the grip is on a small narrow workpiece or on a large brick wall. 
  • Adjustable Multi-point Mounting: The viewing angle and field of view can be flexibly adjusted taking advantage of the Clamp’s multiple-point mounting design. You can explore various angles to capture the perfect scene for your easy jobsite video documentation.
  • Easy to Set Up: The soft plastic handle and precise screw allow you to fasten the clamp quickly using no professional tool at all. The kit will stand fixed and firm in place during the project time, and be removed easily when the job is done.
  • Flexible Mounting View Angle: The ACC1000P’s magic arm has a 360 degree rotating tripod (1⁄4“) ball joint with 90°tilt, giving you very easy maneuverability and precise positioning. Pan your camera freely and shoot any ongoing activity anywhere at your jobsite. A MUST-HAVE feature for good construction process documentation.



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