Braeburn 7500 Universal Wireless Thermostat Kit

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Application Multi-Stage (Heat/Cool), Heat Pump
3 Heat/2 Cool
User Interface
Push Button
Programmability Programmable
Power Method
Voltage 24v

SKU: 7500
 Braeburn,HVAC,Smart Home,Thermostat
Braeburn Digital Thermostat
Programmable wi fi thermostat
Affordable wifi thermostat

The Braeburn 7500 Universal Wireless Thermostat Kit - Compatible with conventional and heat pump systems up to 3H / 2C. Kit includes a programmable thermostat, control module, and supply air sensor. Compatible with Braeburn wireless or wired remote sensors. 

Thermostat Features

  • 7 Day, 5-2 Day or Non-Programmable
  • Large 5 Sq. In. Backlit Display
  • Auto or Manual Changeover
  • Residential or Commercial Modes
  • Battery Operated for Total Installation Flexibility
  • Compatible with 2 or 3 Wire Hydronic Zone Systems
  • Auxiliary Heat Fossil Fuel Option
  • Programmable Fan Control
  • R and C Terminals for Optional 24 Volt Operation
  • Adjustable Temperature Limits
  • Multi-Level Keypad Lockout
  • Quick Reference Instruction Card

Wireless Features

  • Superior Wireless Range
  • Battery Life Exceeds Virtually All Competitive Models
  • Includes Return Air Sensor for Default Temperature Control Even if Batteries are Drained
  • Connect up to 4 Optional Wireless Indoor Sensors for Remote Temperature Sensing*
  • Optional Wireless Outdoor Sensing for Outdoor Temperature Display or Balance Point Control
  • Optional Wireless Humidity Plenum Sensor for Whole-House Humidification Control
  • Affordable Solution for Any Thermostat Application