Black Mamba - Super Strong Nitrile Gloves - 100-Pack

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 Material Nitrile
Pack Size Pack of 100
Gender Unisex
Colour Black
Glove Type Disposable

Nitrile Gloves
Black Mamba
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Black Mamba gloves have been developed in direct response to customers’ needs for a disposable glove, tough enough to withstand the rigorous tasks jobs demand. 

These have been specifically created for industrial applications where standard gloves just won’t & can't survive, for jobs requiring tough resistance to chemicals, abrasion & tearing, Black Mamba is for you.

Constructed from a unique blend of nitrile, thicker & stronger than any other black nitrile glove on the market today, a thickness of over 6.0mils. Fully textured with 3X the puncture resistance of latex or vinyl, Black Mamba is made to grip, not slip.

Tough tasks call for tough gloves - You no longer need to change gloves multiple times due to ripping & tearing.


  • Patented Nitrex Polymer
  • Two-Ply Fusion Strength
  • Made to GRIP, Not to SLIP
  • Toughest disposable gloves on the market
  • Resistant to chemicals, abrasion & tearing
  • A unique blend of nitrile
  • The thickness of over 6.0 mils
  • Fully textured with Grip Rite finish

 Size Dimensions
Small 9.76 x 5.04 x 3.19 inch
Medium 9 x 5 x 3 inch
Large 10 x 4.9 x 3.1 inch
XL 9.8 x 5.04 x 3.74 inch
XXL 10 x 5 x 3.3 inch