Weigh Safe - 2" Shank - True Tow Weight Distribution Hitch

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 Shaft Size 2″ 
Max GTW 15,000 
Max Tongue 1,500 lbs

Weigh Distribution Hitch
Weigh Safe
 Automotive,Weigh Safe
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A built-in scale to measure both tongue weight to ensure 10-15% of GTW and distributed tongue weight to truly give you a distributed towing system.

A live adjustment system built into the head assembly with an internal pivot point that eliminates the need to remove the head assembly for re-adjustment resulting in a much easier and quicker installation, anytime adjustment, not to mention it saves a significant amount of time.

An extended sleek design that generally gives you the ability to lower your tailgate or open your liftgate without the trailer tongue/jack interfering.

Truly distributes the tongue weight of the trailer between the back axle of the tow vehicle, and the axle(s) of the trailer and returns the lost weight of the front axle to provide the customer a safer and smoother ride.

Provides anti-sway friction areas that help to reduce sway caused by wind or passing vehicles. The anti-sway friction areas reside in the sway bar connection points in the head assembly and the trailer bracket connection points. The hitch head assembly, spring arms, and trailer brackets are all vital components to aid in reducing trailer sway.

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