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Swimline - 90544 Inflatable Watermelon Slice Float

$ 27.99

Watermelon and the beach go together like peanut butter and jelly and the Swimline Watermelon Slice for Swimming Pools provides you with a slice of fruit that will keep you refreshed all day long. This round, personal island is made from thick, heavy-duty vinyl with welded seams and features a...

Swimline - 90640 Giant Pretzel Inflatable Floating Seat 60"

$ 15.99

This float really cuts the mustard! There is plenty of room for three to share this delightful giant pretzel float, guaranteed to stay crisp and salty even in the pool. Float size 60". ===

Swimline - 9078 UFO Spaceship Squirter Inflatable Tube 45"

$ 21.99

Get your kids ready for space travel to alien water worlds with the Swimline UFO 45 Inch Spaceship. Made from heavy gauge vinyl, this retro single pilot inflatable is equipped with a constant supply squirt gun for protection from dangerous extraterrestrials. The over-sized arm and head rest make this ride-able look like...

Swimline - FrogLog

$ 59.99

The FrogLog is a simple to use device that allows most small animals to climb out of any swimming pool. The setup time is about 5 minutes and once set up, simply place the float in the pool and the weighted pouch on the pool deck. The FrogLog is not permanently...

Swimline - Giant Flamingo Ride-On 78" Pink Float

$ 34.99

The Giant Flamingo Inflatable Ride-On pool toy is huge - easily big enough for two. The wings and tail of this graceful flamingo make perfect head rests! Amazing bright pink material, with tropical styling, creates an exotic statement wherever you use it. This large ride-on pool float is sure to...

Swimline - Giant Swan - 75 inches

$ 33.99

Get trendy in the pool! From celebrities to kids everyone enjoys the newest must have Inflatable float in the pool, the original Swimline giant swan. The swan features massive 75" diameter with seating for up to two.   Aside from a fun and relaxed ride the swan also has handles...

Swimline - Pizza Float

$ 250.99 $ 31.99

The inflatable Pool Pizza Slice is a great addition of fun for the pool! The realistic print of the pizza raft is sure to bring smiles to all. Enjoy the bungee connectors that allow for rafting two or more pool pizza rafts together!  ===

Swimline - Super Hoops Floating Basketball Game

$ 24.99

The Swimline Floating Pool Basketball Hoop is lightweight and portable, and the best part is that it presents a real challenge to players. Without a backboard or an anchor, players have to plan their shots ahead of time; it's always fun to play and to watch. Made from heavy-duty PVC...

Vinyl Pool Repair Kit

$ 12.89

Pool torn? Don't throw it away! Fix it with the Vinyl Liner Patch Kit. The kit is ideal for underwater repairs or above water vinyl liner repairs. The Vinyl Liner Patch Kit contains 4 ounces of adhesive, an applicator and two 23 x 6 inch clear vinyl patches and two...

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