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Telephone Adapter

Cisco SPA122 Small Business ATA with Router

$ 48.27

The Cisco SPA122 ATA with Router is an analog telephone adapter that combines high-quality, feature-rich voice over IP (VoIP) service with LAN connectivity. Easy to install and use, the adapter provides two independent standard telephone ports to connect analog phones or fax machines to a VoIP service provider for clear...

Yealink IP Phone Wireless Headset Adapter (EHS36)

$ 40.00

The Yealink EHS36 IP-Phone Wireless Headset Adapter allows you to control your phone through the wireless headset.  Easy to use, plug and play.  Supports Yealink SIP-T48G/T46G/T42G/T41P/T38G/T28P/T26P IP phones. Features: Full compatible with Jabra, Plantronics and Sennheiser wireless headsets using the DHSG protocol. Plug and play, easy to use, Answer incoming...

Cisco SPA500S Expansion Module

$ 49.76

The Cisco SPA 500S is a 32-Button Expansion Module that compliments the Cisco SPA 501G, SPA 502G, SPA 504G, SPA 508G, SPA 509G, and SPA 525G IP Phones. Once you’ve connected the SPA 500S’s simple bracket-and-cable setup to your existing Cisco IP phone, you’ll be able to track the status...

Yealink PoE Adapter For CP960 (YLPOE30)

$ 53.49

The Yealink YLPOE30  is a power supply for Yealink CP960 IP conference phone and other Yealink PoE-featured IP phones and is designed to provide both data connection and electric power with only one Ethernet cable, giving you a clean and tidy desktop. It is standardized by IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at and...

Grandstream DP750 Long-Range DECT/CAT-iq VoIP Base Station

$ 42.99

The DP750 Long-range DECT Voip Base Station creates an immersive DECT network to enable efficient and mobile movement in your organization. A powerful mobile solution, user flexibility is achieved when pairing with up to 5 DP720 DECT handsets (sold separately). The DP750 Base Station supports a range of up to...

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