Aiphone GT-1C7 Video Hands Free Tenant Station for Use with the GT Multi-Tenant System

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The GT-1C7 is an audio/video tenant station for the GT Series Multi-Tenant Video Intercom system. Itis equipped with door release and talk buttons. In addition, the station has a concierge/security guard call button and an option button to control external devices, such as lights. The station also has PanTilt and Zoom control, as well as a light adjustment button for the PTZ camera at the entry.

When a visitor calls, the tenant station rings and video is displayed on the screen. The call is answered by pushing the talk button. The GT-1C7 has the capability of calling the Concierge/Security Guard station(s), turning on an external light while speaking with a visitor at the entrance, and receiving an emergency tone from a pull cord or panic call button.The GT-1C7 has a slim, streamlined design and can be surface mounted. Only one GT-1C7 video station can be used per tenant. Communication is handsoff.

Key Features:

  • 7″ screen
  • Digital PTZ while communicating with entrance station
  • Easily contact guard station
  • Light and saturation adjustments
  • Secondary option button triggers a normally open contact on the back of the unit to trigger external devices