Wholesale Home Anti-Scratch Microfiber Soft Cleaning Cloth

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Keep your electronics and glass like new! High-quality, soft, microfiber material allows these cloths to remove stains safely. Cloth won't leave any scratches and its microfiber properties ensure that it won't leave lint, marks, or streaks on your surface. Perfect to clean eyeglasses, smartphones, camera lenses, jewelry, glassware, mirrors, or anything you want to clean.

  • High-quality, soft, microfiber material. Absorbs and removes dust, fingerprints, and dirt
  • Leaves no scratches, marks, or lint.
  • Can be used on all your delicate electronic equipment
  • Cloth is compact and perfect to carry in your pocket for daily use
  • Great for LCD screens, camera lenses, glass, laptops, phones, tablets, eyeglasses and many more.