Big Gator Tools - Metric V-Drill Guide

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 Color Silver
Drill Holes
Shank Type Round 

Drill Guide
Big Gator Tools
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The BIG GATOR TOOLS V-DrillGuide is like a portable drill press for precision alignment! V-groove along the bottom of the guide allows for perpendicular alignment with all drill sizes on round parts and corners. The bottom surface is precision ground to assure stability and accurate perpendicular alignment on flat surfaces. For some projects, drilling straight is paramount. These guides eliminate guessing when perfection is required. Universal & portable V-Drill guide provides perpendicular alignment of drill bits on flat, round, or square materials. Includes 9 and 17 metric drill sizes.


  • 9  or 17 holes
  • Hardened Steel
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Embedded Numbers
  • Alignment marks on both sides
  • Ground base to use on flat surfaces
  • V-Groove for use on corners & round parts

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