USI Electric - MCND401 Plug-In Carbon Monoxide and Natural Gas Alarm with 9-Volt Battery Backup

$ 52.99
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Alarm Type Carbon Monoxide & Gas
Power Source Plug In
Interconnects No
Battery 9V

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The USI MCND401 M series provides protection against two deadly household threats: Carbon Monoxide and Natural Gas. The Alarm features a Digital Display Screen that displays the level of carbon monoxide and gas detected. This compact plug-in alarm is fast and Easy to Install - Plugs Into Standard Outlet and is designed to only Cover one outlet. 


  • Microprocessor Software Controlled - Virtually Eliminates Nuisance Alarms
  • 9-Volt Energizer Alkaline Battery with Quick Activation Pull Tab Included - Provides Protection Even During a Power Outage
  • Fast and Easy to Install - Plugs Into Standard Outlet: No Additional Mounting Required
  • Backed by a 5 year manufacturers warranty 

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