TPI KT121 Industrial Series SPST Heat Only Thermostat - 6' Cord/Plug

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Application  1-Pole Heat Only (SPST)
Stages 1 Heat
User Interface
Programmability Non-Programmable
Power Method
Voltage 250 / 125

SKU: KT121
TPI Corporation
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The TPI Heat only thermostat is ideally designed for use with indoor and industrial applications. The thermostat has a current rating of 13 Amps and a voltage rating of 120 VAC. It has a 6 ft cord/plug to offer easy connectivity. The thermostat has a steel housing and a bi-metal sensor to offer enhanced durability. It can be used to set the temperature up to -10 to 100 deg F. It has SPDT circuit configuration for easy switching action. 


  • Bi-metal model (KT)
  • Rugged steel case
  • UL listed and CSA certified.