Sterilite Ultra Easy Carry Laundry Hamper - 4 Pack

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The Sterilite Ultra™ Easy Carry Hamper effectively combines the valued features of portability and capacity all in one. Transporting large loads of laundry is made easier and more comfortable because of the sturdy construction and reinforced rim. The integrated handles on all four sides allow for easy lifting and carrying through narrow doorways, hallways, and up & down stairs. The stylish, square hole pattern provides ventilation for clothes and helps eliminate excessive odors, while the polished finish provides an attractive laundry solution that is easy to clean. The sleek, rectangular profile takes up minimal floor space, making it ideal for use in the bedroom, bathroom, dorm room, or laundry room.


  • Overall Assembled Size: 22 1/4" x 17 3/8" x 19 7/8"
  • Pack of 4 hampers.
  • Effectively combines the features of portability and capacity all in one
  • Integrated handles allow for easy carrying from any side
  • Stylish, square hole pattern that enhances airflow
  • Sturdy construction and reinforced rim makes lifting large loads more comfortable
  • Proudly made in the USA