Shurtape - PC 609 - Industrial Grade Cloth - Duct Tape

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 Material Polyethylene film
Compatible Material Metal, Rubber
Thickness 10.0 mils

SKU: PC 609 199722
Duct Tape
 Adhesives & Tape,Shurtape
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Performance grade cloth duct tape for use in a variety of industries, including in the HVAC industry to repair thermal insulation and seal metal ductwork; in the manufactured housing industry to seam bottom boards and for patching, seaming, and sealing; and general-purpose use for packaging, bundling, holding, wrapping and waterproofing. PC 609 co-extruded duct tape offers extremely aggressive adhesion, good conformability to a variety of surfaces, and performs well in warm or cold climates.

Features & Benefits

  • Performance grade duct tape
  • Cold temperature adhesion
  • Excellent holding power with good conformability
  • Easy to unwind and tear
  • Waterproof backing

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