Shurtape - FP 96 - General Purpose - Kraft Packaging Tape

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 Color Kraft
Material Flatback paper
Thickness ‎0.15 Millimeters

SKU: FP 96 201806
Packaging Tape
 Adhesives & Tape,Shurtape
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Packaging grade flatback paper tape used for hand and machine carton sealing and splicing, as well as for general purpose packaging, binding, holding, tabbing, reinforcing, banding, and patching applications. Strong, flexible, and conformable, FP 96 is constructed with an aggressive, rubber-based adhesive that delivers excellent quick stick and holding power, even in cold weather.

Features & Benefits

  • Packaging grade flatback paper tape
  • Very high adhesion
  • High cross-directional strength
  • Resistant to curling, abrasion, water, solvents and oil
  • Can be used for "shingling" 

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