LevTec - Plastic Leveling Gapping Clips

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Gapping Clips
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Tackle your flooring and tiling operations with confidence thanks to the RTC Products LevTec Inch Tile & Flooring Plastic Leveling Clips. This packs of floor tile tools include 2,000 disposable leveling clips, designed for use with the LevTec Wedge system.

Each piece is made from rigid, durable plastic with a 1/8-inch or 1/16th-inch thickness, designed for tiles up to 12mm thick. This allows you to create flawless, lippage-free tiling projects every time for that professional finished look, locking in tiles and preventing slump and leaving no spacing material behind while the mortar is drying.

In addition to providing a seamless look, this bathroom tile leveling system makes your tiling operation go faster and more efficient, letting you focus your energy on other aspects of your refinishing job. Whether you're a home handyman or a professional contractor, the RTC Products LevTec Tile & Flooring Plastic Leveling Clips ensures every job gets done correctly and on time.


  • NO LIPPAGE: Effortlessly create flawless, lippage free tiling projects every time
  • TILE UP TO 12MM THICK: Designed or use on tile up to 12mm thickness
  • NO SLUMPING: Interlocking design levels the tiles while setting, leaving no spacing material behind and allowing total expansion after removal
  • COMPATIBLE WITH LEVTEC WEDGES: Intended for use with LevTec Wedges (not included)

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