RAB Lighting QF500F Quartz Curve Floodlight

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Lamp type T3
Power consumption 500W
Hours 2,000
Lumens 11,000
Efficacy 22 lumens per watt (LPW)
Power rating 120VAC
Standards met UL listed

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This RAB Lighting QF500F quartz floodlight has a polyester powder-coated die cast aluminum housing for durability and provides 11,000 lumens with 500 watts of power consumption. Its door is hinged and its high-temperature silicone gasket fits into a retaining groove so that both components remain in place during lamp changes. Its lens is made with tempered glass and its reflector is made with semi-specular anodized aluminum. It has fins for heat dissipation, which extend the life of the lamp and ballast, and its 1/2" National Pipe Straight (NPS) threaded arm fits most mounting covers. This quartz floodlight is Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed as suitable for use in wet locations and for mounting within 4' of the ground. It is suitable for a variety of outdoor lighting applications.


  • Silicone gasket remains in place during relamping
  • 5mm thick, tempered glass lens
  • High quality 130 volt (for extended life) Quartz Halogen lamp
  • Stainless steel external hardware
  • Stainless steel clip with Vandal proof screw capability
  • Integra hood glare shield for friendly lighting when properly aimed
  • Fins for heat dissipation and extended lamp life

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