NEST Smarter Bundle: NEST Protect 2nd Gen. Multi-Sensor (Hardwired) + NEST Cam IQ Indoor Camera

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Get your house automated and save money with our Nest Smart Home Packages.  With this package, you get: One NEST Protect 2nd Gen. Multi-Detector (Hardwired) One NEST Cam IQ Indoor Camera...
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Get your house automated and save money with our Nest Smart Home Packages.  With this package, you get:

About the NEST Protect Hardwired Multipurpose Sensor:

The Nest Protect 2nd Generation Hardwired Smoke- and Carbon-Monoxide Detector is an advanced multi-sensor smoke detector that maintains constant vigilance against all types of smoke, and comes with an additional carbon monoxide sensor.
Constantly connected to the internet, the Nest Protect will send alerts to your smartphone or mobile device, alerting you to problems even when you’re not home. The Nest Protect is designed to speak aloud, informing you exactly what problem has been detected, as well as its source. The Nest Protect is one of the best latest-generation multi-sensor smoke detectors available on the market. 


About the NEST Indoor IQ Cam:

The Nest Cam IQ Indoor Security Camera NC3100US is a technologically advanced smart camera designed to help you look after your home and family – even when you’re away.  Using the 'Supersight' system, the Nest Cam IQ can tell people from objects and recognize faces, has a 4K sensor and 1080p HD, employs a powerful speaker and 3-microphone array Talk & Listen system and uses infrared LED's to capture a clear picture even at night.  With 24/7 live streaming, a versatile magnetic stand, person alerts with Nest Aware and one app for all your Nest products, Nest Cam IQ Indoor helps you keep an eye on what matters. From anywhere. 

NOTE: NEST Protect must be purchased with install completed by a Nest Pro. To find a Nest approved installer near you, go to

Benefits of Pro Installation

  • When installation is completed by a Nest Pro certified Installer, you receive Pro Setup, which is an advanced Nest thermostat configuration menu that enables professional installers to set up complex systems, including dual fuel systems, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers.
  • This ensures the wiring and system is set up correctly and will operate as efficiently as possible to maximize the energy/cost savings you as a homeowner will receive.  Pro Installer information will be stored in the Thermostats and on the homeowner's App when installed by a Nest Pro and, when needed, provides homeowners with immediate access to their Installers contact information.
  • 5-year Pro Warranty vs. 2-year Retail Warranty.  Requires Nest Pro ID entry during install to activate Pro Warranty.