Naxa - NPB-266 MP3/CD Boombox with Bluetooth®

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Playback Format(s)  MP3, CD, CD-R/RW, USB
Tuner Type(s) AM/FM
Input(s) 3.5mm AUX audio, Bluetooth
Power Source AC 110/220V or 8 x D batteries (not included)

SKU: NPB-266
CD/MP3 Player
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Enjoy your favorite tunes wherever you are with the Naxa's MP3/CD Bluetooth Portable Boombox (NPB-266). It is portable and makes it easy to listen at home, the beach or at the work site. The stylish and sleek design of this Naxa boombox combines a traditional shape with a futuristic four-speaker look. It features built-in MP3 playback from USB and plays your song lists from any paired device. This AM/FM radio boombox also has an auxiliary input and 10 digital presets.


  • Stream music wirelessly from smartphones, tablets, and other Bluetooth® enabled devices
  • Plays CD, CD-R/RW, and MP3 discs
  • Built-in MP3 playback from a USB flash drive
  • 3.5mm AUX input connector for music players without Bluetooth®
  • AM/FM radio with digital preset tuning
  • Power Source: AC 110/220 V, 8 x D batteries (not included)
  • Accessories included: AC power cable