Minelab VANQUISH 540 Metal Detector (ML3820-0003)

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Length  Collapsed 30" inches/Extended 57" inches
Weight 2.8lbs
Operating Frequencies Multi-IQ
Search Modes Coin, Relic, Jewelry, Custom

SKU: ML3820-0003
Metal Detectors
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VANQUISH 540: for the serious detectorist who demands ultimate performance. As if Multi-IQ technology, audio control, and pinpoint wasn’t enough the 540 also boasts iron-bias control, red LED backlight, and rechargeable batteries. What’s more, it comes with a waterproof 12” coil as standard for greater depth. No matter where the hunt takes you, the 540 is the ultimate detector that lets you detect on your terms.


  • Revolutionary Multi-IQ delivers speed, depth, and precise identification of all metals across all soils.
  • 5 find modes (Coin, Relic, Jewelry, and Custom) pre-programmed and optimized for the best performance
  • Iron Bias control gives you maximum results, so you can hunt out treasure hiding amongst trash.
  • In seconds VANQUISH auto-selects the best settings for your soil — no need to choose frequencies or ground balance.
  • Automatic noise canceling, lag-free audio response, and 10 volume settings put you in control.
  • 1.3 kg (2.8 lbs) light with a unique collapsible snap-lock system makes it easy to pack and go.
  • PINPOINT MODE: Included pinpoint mode to help you locate targets with extreme precision.
  • Red LED Backlight to help low-light vision


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