Lux - KONOz Smart Thermostat

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Application Multi Stage (Heat/Cool), Heat Pump
Stages 2 Heat/1 Cool
User Interface
Mechanical/ Smartphone App
Programmability Programmable
Power Method

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Braeburn Digital Thermostat
Programmable wi fi thermostat
Affordable wifi thermostat

KONOz is the smart thermostat made with you in mind. It seamlessly connects to many smart hubs and blends in or stands out with its interchangeable Décor-snap covers. KONOz makes it easier than ever to personalize your comfort, décor, and savings.

KONOz uses the Zigbee protocol to easily communicate with your home automation hub. This makes controlling KONOz from existing apps a snap! KONOz will be the solution to your Smart Home Automation needs with Zero Degrees of Difficulty!


Features and Compatibility

  • Simple & Intuitive to use
  • Battery powered for easy installation
  • Décor – Snap™ covers to personalize for all homes and offices
  • Have full control of your heating and cooling from anywhere using a smart hub app
  • Control your KONOz Thermostat and other connected devices with your home automation app for Iphone or Android
  • Automate your KONOz and set it to turn on or off as people come and go.
  • Control your KONOz with voice commands using your home automation app that works with the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa



  • Modes: Heat (only), Cool (only), Heat & Cool
  • Conventional: Forced air, gas, oil & electric furnaces (up to 2H/1C)
  • Heat Pumps: With or without Aux/Emergency heat
  • Power: C-wire, 4 AA alkaline batteries (included & provides up to 2 year battery life) or LUX Power Bridge (sold separately)
  • Works with IRIS hub, Hubitat hub

Zigbee Profile

  • Product Type: End Product
  • Technical Category: Thermostat
  • OTA Upgrade: Supported


 Colors Available in White, Champagne Gold, Deep Blue, Sea Mist Grey, Hibiscus Red, Sea Green, Sky Blue, and Midnight Black

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