Lifetone Technology - HLAC151 Bedside Fire Alarm and Clock

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Alarm Type Smoke
Power Source Plug-In AC
Interconnects No
Battery 4 x D Cell Batteries

Smoke Detectors
 Fire Safety,Smoke Alarm
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When it comes to surviving a fire emergency many people assume their smoke alarm will wake them up. The truth is most people don’t wake up to their smoke alarm, and as a result, most fire fatalities occur at night. The Lifetone HL helps people wake up, so they can save themselves and their loved ones during a fire.

About a quarter of the U.S. population suffers from some degree of hearing impairment. When an emergency occurs those individuals are at a greater risk, especially when alarm systems assume they can be heard. House fires can strike in an instant, with the most deadly occuring in the middle of the night. Smoke detectors can save lives, but they rely on your ability to hear the alarm to alert you of danger. Protect your loved ones and have peace of mind with a Lifetone HL. With a proven four method alarm, you can rest easy knowing you and your home are safegaurded against the threat of a fire emergency.

How It Works:

1) Smoke Detection - A standard household smoke alarm detects a fire and sounds an alert.

2) Constant Montoring - The Lifetone HL uses patented technology to constantly listen for your smoke alarm.

3) Audible Alerting & Announcing – A loud low frequency alarm (520 Hz) has been proven in scientific studies to be the best alarm for awakening people. The Lifetone HL also emits a loud voice command informing nearby sleepers of a fire, and telling them to “Get Out!”

4) Visual Notification – The Lifetone HL screen flashes FIRE! Using a bright light to wake up nearby sleepers.

5) Tactile Alerting – A vibrating bed shaker physically alerts sleepers, and shakes them awake.


  • Alerts with 4 different signals: loud, low pitched 520Hz T3 sound; vibrating bed shaker; talking baritone voice saying "Fire! Get out!"; and FIRE in large text against a flashing orange backlight
  • Uses the alarms proven in research sponsored by the US Fire Administration as most effective for waking people
  • Works in conjunction with existing UL-listed T3 smoke alarms (alarms with sound pattern "beep-beep-beep-pause" then "beep-beep-beep-pause" then "beep-beep-beep") with ionization or photoelectric technology
  • No installation or wiring required - just plug it in
  • Battery backup lasts 7 days or more while still providing emergency alarm signals (batteries included)
  • Big 1.125" easy-to-read display also alerts you if there is a power outage or low batteries, even if the bed shaker is disconnected
  • Can be used as a daily alarm clock (the wake-up alarm is at a lower, non-emergency volume)
  • Includes a 6V bed shaker(6 ft cord) for optional additional notification
  • Dimensions: 8 1/2" L x 5" W x 4" H
  • Listed by UL to UL 217, ULC S531, and UL 1971
  • Compliance: NFPA 72(2013), RoHS, California Proposition 65
  • Two year limited warranty


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