Leica - Lino L2G Cross Line Green Laser Level

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Laser Level Type Line Lasers
Maximum Distance (ft) 100
Projects Beam 360 degrees No
Self Leveling Yes
Number of Lines 2
Number of Points N/A

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Laser Level
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Leica LINO products are designed for professionals, making your work easier, and improving your results, by providing excellent quality, performance, and well-conceived accessories. The Leica Lino L2G cross-line laser projects highly visible lines at the correct angles to one another. The new laser uses the latest green laser technology which makes lines even more visible and clear. As a result, this laser will make it easier for you to see your reference lines, enhancing line visibility, and improves the efficiency of interior work, even in extreme lighting conditions or over long distances.always level


  • Highly visible green lines projected at perfect angles to 1 another
  • New green laser technology to drastically improve working conditions in low light or long-range
  • Sharp and precise cross lines for easy leveling
  • Time-consuming, strenuous tasks of drawing lines on the wall are a thing of the past
  • L2G projects 2 lines, vertical and horizontal, with a much-improved fan angle extending behind the unit
  • True green diodes allow for brighter visibility and longer run times
  • 3 years when registered through Leica My World

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