Kwikset 83262-001 SmartKey Re-keying Kit

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As the industry leader, Kwikset has provided trusted security for over 60 years and has become synonymous with security, peace of mind, style and innovation. SmartKey Re-key Technology allows you to control who has access to your home. Re-key the lock yourself in seconds in 3 easy steps. Have you recently moved or had a child lose a key. It's time to re-key. SmartKey provides the highest level of residential security and features BumpGuard to protect against lock bumping.

  • 4 identical keys for each member of your family.
  • 2 identical alternate keys that can be used to provide temporary access to your home for neighbors, contractors or household help.
  • Alternate keys can be used to quickly re-key your home in the event of a lost key.
  • For use with any Kwikset signatures, SmartKey Security™ lock and will not work with a traditional pin and tumbler cylinders.
  • Re-keys a SmartKey Security™ cylinder in under 30 seconds.
  • Great for lost keys, tenant move-outs, or anytime you need to re-key your SmartKey Security™ lockset.

Kwikset SmartKey Security™

  • Superior Security: Kwikset's patented SmartKey Security™ protects against common advanced break-in technique
  • Security Made Conveniently: SmartKey Security™ features re-key technology, which allows you to re-key your locks yourself in seconds because we realize the person who has your key today may not be the same person you want to have your key tomorrow.

Why a SmartKey Lock? 

  • Protects Against Common Break-in Methods: Kwikset's SmartKey Security™ is designed to protect against common types of break-ins to keep your family safe. SmartKey Security™ is kick-in resistant, bump proof, pick resistant, drill resistant, and saw resistant. Kwikset SmartKey Security™ also allows you to re-key the lock yourself in seconds, leaving lost or unreturned keys obsolete.

Reasons to Re-Key Your Lock:

  • You have a different key for each door.
  • Your child has lost their key, again.
  • You have recently moved or had tenant turnover.
  • You have loaned or unreturned keys.

SmartKey One Key Convenience:

  • Kwikset's SmartKey Security™ gives you one-key convenience - Re-key your locks yourself so all your doors and padlocks share one key.
Before you start re-keying, you must have your functioning key, your new key, and the SmartKey Learn tool. Insert the key that currently operates your lock, and rotate it 90 degrees clockwise. A) Insert the SmartKey tool fully and firmly into the SmartKey hole.

B) Remove the SmartKey tool and the current key.
A) Fully insert your new key into the lock and rotate it 180 degrees.

B) Rotate the new key 90 degrees back to the starting position, and remove it. Your lock is now re-keyed to your new key, and your old key will no longer operate the lock.
One-Key Convenience
Re-key your locks yourself so all your doors and padlocks share one key.
Reasons to Re-Key
Your child has lost their key, again.
Reasons to Re-Key
You have loaned or unreturned keys.
Reasons to Re-Key
You have recently moved or had tenant turnover.