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Klean-Strip® Odorless Mineral Spirits for CARB provides performance without emitting harsh fumes. This highly refined solvent formula produces minimal residue and is an excellent cleaner for paint, brushes, tools, and equipment immediately after use. It also removes and dissolves grease, grime, and oil from most surfaces.

Klean-Strip solvents and thinners are mixed into wet paint, varnish, stain, and other finishes to weaken consistency and thin them out. They're also great for clean up.


  • Use to clean up oil-based paints
  • Cleans and degreases with minimal residue
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors

For fresh oil-based coatings:

  1. Agitate brush or roller in Odorless Mineral Spirits until all visible residue is dissolved.
  2. Rinse using fresh Odorless Mineral Spirits.
  3. Knock out excess solvent and hang to dry.

For cleaning and degreasing, large surfaces before painting:

  1. Pour an appropriate amount of product into an empty paint can or another compatible container.
  2. Dip the rag into the container so it becomes saturated; squeeze rag into the container to remove excess product.
  3. Use the wetted rag to wipe down the surface.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the surface is clean.
  5. Wipe surface dry and prepare to paint.
  6. Place dirty rags and solvent in an airtight container and dispose of properly.


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  • 1 x Mineral Spirits

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Mineral Spirits Label

Safety Data Sheet

CPSIA Compliance

Solvent Guide 

Additional Information:

Not intended for use as a thinner in California.

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