iSi - Rapid Infusion 5 Piece Tool Kit

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Rapid Infusion Kit
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Give fresh fruit or vegetables a special kind of flavor kick with a pressure infusion. Or delight your guests with Rapid Infusion carbonated Fizzy Fruits, completely without liquid nitrogen - safe, easy and fast. Professional chefs and bartenders are using the iSi Rapid Infusion technique in the iSi Gourmet Whip to quickly infuse solid & liquid ingredients in minutes. Infuse liquids like vodka with fresh ingredients to create fresh, custom flavors. Or, make your own custom bitters. Likewise, liquid ingredients (marinades, etc.) can be infused with solid ingredients (meats, proteins) using this technique, making it perfect for the kitchen or for the bar.

The iSi Rapid Infusion kit includes valuable process improvements and new features to increase efficiency and ease. Dishwasher safe, 100% stainless steel pieces, 100% silicone gasket & dispenser, BPA free, 2-year warranty.

Have the courage to experiment with new flavors and consistencies. Do your own thing - with Rapid Infusion there are no limits!


Use For:

  • Flavoring Liquids
  • Pressure infusion of fresh vegetables & fruit
  • Fast marinating of meat, fish or vegetables
  • And many more possible applications