Honeywell - THP9045A1023 Wiresaver Wiring Module for Thermostat



Type: AC Parts


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The THP9045A1023 Wire saver module connects to "K" terminal on Honeywell Prestige thermostats and separates into "Y" and "G" signals at furnace or air handler equipment. Intended to be used in conventional and heat pump systems requiring one wire more than is available.

TheTHP9045 wiring module is designed to be used in 1 heat/1 cool retrofit applications where only four wires are available. The K terminal on the thermostat can be used to operate both fan and compressor on a single wire. The module is designed to receive signal from K terminal, split the signal and reroute it to operate compressor, and/or fan.

For use with THX9000 Series Thermostats and T2060F3080. Mounts easily on or near HVAC equipment. Cannot be used for a heat-only situation. Easy push-wire terminals provide a secure lock.


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