Honeywell - T87K1007 Heat Only Thermostat

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Application Heat Only
Stages 1 Heat
User Interface
Programmability Non-Programmable
Power Method:
Voltage 24v

SKU: T87K1007
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The Honeywell T87K1007 Thermostat is designed for use with electric, gas, hot water or oil heating systems operating at 24 VAC. This thermostat controls a 40 - 90°F temperature range and features an easy-to-read enlarged scale and intuitive dial. Its familiar round profile offers a classic appearance.


  • Low-voltage electronic control for electric, gas, hot-water or oil heating systems operating at 24 VAC
  • Dial control for easy adjustments
  • Enlarged scale makes setting the exact temperature easy
  • 40 - 90°F temperature range
  • Round profile for a classic look