Honeywell - Digital T8775A1009 Round Non-Programmable Heat-Only Thermostat

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Application Heat Only
Stages 1 Heat
User Interface
Programmability Non-Programmable
Power Method
Voltage 24v

SKU: T8775A1009
 Honeywell HVAC Parts,HVAC,Thermostat
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Simple to use. Turn the dial to adjust the setpoint temperature. Large easy-to-read display. The temperature reading is easily seen from a distance. Backlit display. On-demand backlighting makes it easy to read the display in a dark room or hallway. No batteries required.

The setpoint temperature is held permanently in memory in the event of a power failure. Powered through heating system controls. Easy installation and set up saves time and increases installer productivity. Heat Only. Easily configurable by the use of DIP switches. Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature display for added flexibility. Selectable heating cycle rates (1, 3, 6, 9 CPH) for a variety of applications.

Decorative cover plate is available to cover marks on the wall or to mount the T8775 Thermostat to an electrical box.