Hansgrohe 04266000 Unica S 24 Inch Wallbar Set, Chrome

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The Hansgrohe Unica S Wallbar Set, 24-Inch in Chrome 04266000. Wallbars, fitted with an angle adjustable hand shower holder, allows you to easily adjust the removable hand shower to your individual height by simply sliding the holder up or down the wall bar addressing multi-user needs and thereby enhancing your showering experience. The benefits of a hand shower are clear and include targeting specific areas, the ability to wash pets or children with ease and cleaning the shower easily.

A hand shower also delivers a more invigorating shower, through the increased warmth and intensity that results from bringing the spray closer to your body. At Hansgrohe, we draw on knowledge gained from over 100 years of industry experience.

One of the major innovations is AirPower technology: water jets mixed with air turn into a gentle rain shower or a powerful massage jet. The QuickClean feature makes it easy to rub limescale deposit off the flexible silicone jets which are featured on the Raindance S 120 AIR 3 jet hand shower. In the Raindance S AIR, each drop of water is infused with air, for an invigorating high-performance shower. This set includes the Raindance 24 inch wall bar and 63-inch hose. 

             > 28.25 Inches Tall
        • > Hose and Handshower Included
        • > Raindance S 120 AIR 3-jet hand shower with Rain AIR, Balance
        • > AIR and Whirl AIR spray modes.
        • > Aluminum profile.
        • > Holder is angle adjustable, up and down, pivots left and right.
        • > Knob with finger grip for easy slide adjustment.
        • > Includes 63" Techniflex hose.
        • > Raindance S 120 3-Jet hand shower.
        • > 2.5 GPM Flow Rate.
        • > 3 spray modes: Rain AIR, Balance AIR, Whirl AIR
        • > 63" Techniflex hose
        • > Unica S wall bar 
        • > Wall Outlet Required
        • > Color: Chrome

        Eco-Smart: Using a sophisticated flow limiter your water demand for daily showers is reduced by up to 60%. Dispensing as little as 1.5 gallons of water per minute while maintaining the water pressure we all want and need from our shower Eco Smart shower heads and hand showers are an environmentally friendly choice. They utilize a precision O-ring that reacts flexibly to any water pressure and adjusts the water quantity.

        Quick Clean: Calcareous water, dirt, cleaning agents; faucets and showers have to be able to withstand a lot. QuickClean technology gives you the power to make residues disappear in an instant. With the silicon nozzles, Hansgrohe has fitted to its faucet aerators and shower jets, dirt and limescale can be rubbed off with ease. This innovation adds infinite value, as products that are well maintained and limescale free remain functional and last longer.

        QuickClean Technology For Showers:

        AirPower: The innovators at Hansgrohe have invented something ground-breaking with their release of the AirPower shower heads. A plentiful supply of air is sucked in via the spray disc of the AirPower shower, and the incoming water is infused with that air causing an effect you will notice immediately. Plumper, lighter and softer droplets of water will envelop your skin creating a wonderful sense of well-being. In addition to a better shower experience, your demand for water will also be drastically reduced.



        Spray type – RainAir


        Spray type – Whirl