Hansgrohe 04371000 Focus 100 Single Hole Bathroom Faucet - Chrome

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Bathroom Faucet
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The Hansgrohe 04371000 Focus 100 Single Hole Faucet, Pure, Clear, Sensuous. Avant-garde is pure design and artistic perfection. Sensuous minimalism emphasizing clarity of form and constructed with choice materials, and a harmonious, balanced sense of space. With its wide range of products, Hansgrohe has the right solution for you. Hansgrohe has always had a sharp eye for innovation, designing products with exceptional durability that are not only highly functional but also a source of pleasure. 

  • Solid brass
  • M2 ceramic cartridge
  • Boltic handle lock
  • Includes pop-up assembly
  • Flow 1.2 GPM: 30% water savings (4.5 L/Min)
  • Aerated spray

Innovative Technologies:

ComfortZone: Faucets in different heights Generous dimensions, sophisticated technology, and intuitive operation. Outstanding design, high safety standards, and added comfort: Hansgrohe showers, faucets and thermostats with this label expand your ComfortZone.

Plenty of freedom of movement at the sink, utmost user-friendliness, and less water splashing: The Hansgrohe ComfortZone offers you several benefits at the same time. It shows you how much space you have between the faucet spout and sink. With the ComfortZone, find the right faucet for hand washing and more.

Hansgrohe ComfortZone technology:


QuickClean: Making limescale removal a breeze Is there anyone who likes cleaning? With the QuickClean technology instantly removes dirt and limescale deposits from showers and faucets thanks to the silicon nozzles. Beware of imitations: Only this QuickClean logo indicates real Hansgrohe quality!

The quick anti-limescale function: To make cleaning easy, there are flexible silicone nozzles on the aerator of the faucets and the jets of the showers. The high-quality and tear-resistant silicone is simply rubbed with the fingers. This removes limescale and dirt as if by magic, and you always benefit from a full spray. A beautiful shower spray for showering and uniform water flow for washing hands are simply more enjoyable.

QuickClean technology:


EcoRight: Save water and protect the climate The Hansgrohe faucets and showers fitted with EcoRight technology require up to 60% less water than conventional products – and without any loss of comfort. You can then reduce your water and energy costs and save valuable resources.

Hansgrohe EcoRight can save water and money. With the Hansgrohe showers and faucets equipped with EcoRight technology consume up to 40% less water than conventional showers and faucets. What's more, reducing water consumption also reduces the energy used to heat water. All in all, this means lower costs of ownership without sacrificing the product performance you expect. EcoRight is therefore good for both the environment and your wallet.

Thanks to EcoRight, water consumption This lavatory faucet is reduced to 1.2 gallons per minute or less. How does that work? By adding air and by using a special water flow controller. The EcoRight aerator is built into the spout of the faucet and enriches the water with air. The result: a full, bubbling jet of water. A “precision elastomer” compensates for different water pressures, even when the pressure fluctuates, ensuring a constant dependable performance and a consistently powerful water jet. It limits the flow, while maintaining performance, thus conserving drinking water.