Genie 36179R.S Screw Drive Carriage Assembly




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The Genie 36179R.S screw drive carriage is the most common replacement part for Genie screw drive garage door openers. This carriage is used on all Genie screw drive models from the 1980s until 2011. Models made after 2011 use a different carriage assembly. In order to maintain a properly functioning screw drive carriage make sure your door is balanced and the Genie garage door opener screw is lubricated. The Genie carriage works with models that have mechanic limit switches or magnetic limit switches.

Replaces part numbers:

  • 20073R
  • 20414R
  • 24357R
  • 25589R
  • 25589S
  • 34107R
  • 36179R.

Compatible with the following Genie models: 2020L, 3060L, 3560, CM7500S, CM7600, CM8500S, CM8600, CMD9900-IC, H4000A, H6000A, H8000D, IMS1000A, IMS1000-B, ISD1000, ISD990, ISD995, IS525, IS525-B, IS550, IS550-B, IS900, IS900-B, IS920, ISL950, ISL950-B, ISL980, ISL980-B, PRO88S, PRO90S, PRO95, PRO98S and PRO99-2-IC.

Compatible with the following Overhead Models: 930CD, 939, 990CD and 950CD.


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