Factor 55 FlatLink E Expert - Heavy-Duty - Portable Vehicle Recovery Tow Winch

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 Capacity 16,000 lbs
Max. Breaking Strength 47,000 lbs
Country of Origin USA

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Tow Winch
Factor 55
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FlatLink E

The FlatLink E (Expert) is a variation of our popular foldable standard FlatLink winch shackle mount. The FlatLink E provides a means to eliminate the conventional winch hook and replace it with a safer and more secure screw pin shackle resulting in a Closed System Winching operation. The large pear-shaped shackle mounting hole allows for attachment to either the pin or bow end of common screw pin shackles, as well as common OEM recovery points.

Conventional winch hooks can cut and fray recovery straps and often allow strap ends to escape during momentary slack cycles of a typical winching recovery. Screw pin shackles do not allow strap loops to escape due to their secure screw pin attachment. The FlatLink E does not require splicing and is compatible with steel cables or synthetic ropes up to 3/8 in. in diameter. The cable eye is retained in the FlatLink E by a 5/8 in. diameter 6Al4V. Titanium double shear pin and internal snap ring. Installation takes only minutes.

What Is Closed System Winching?

Closed System Winching is a winching technique using rigging comprised entirely of closed link hardware. The non-closable opening of common winch hooks and poorly constructed sheet metal safety latches do not qualify as a secure means to contain loads and are prone to failure. During momentary slack conditions where winch loads often shift, recovery ropes may endure high forces and hooks often come loose during vehicle recovery operations due to hook safety latch failures, causing safety concerns.


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