Factor 55 - F55 00015-01 - ProLink Loaded Shackle Mount

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 Country of Origin USA
Exterior Machined
Product Dimensions 6 x 6 x 5.5 inches

SKU: F55 00015-01
Shackle Mount
Factor 55
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Replace conventional winch hooks with the new safer, stronger, and smarter Factor 55 ProLink shackle mount. Factor 55 introduces the new ProLink shackle mount for winch cables and synthetic ropes. Engineered and machined in the USA from lightweight billet 6061 aluminum, the ProLink provides a safe means to easily attach a standard 3/4″ screw pin shackle to existing winch cable and rope eyes The cable or rope eye is captured into the body of the ProLink by a removable oversized 5/8″ double shear pin. The front of the ProLink provides the precision shackle mounting hole and a massive 1.2″ thick mounting tab. The ProLink is compatible with both Hawse and Roller fairleads and snugs neatly against both versions.


  • Machined from 6061-T6 Kaiser Aluminum Billet Round Bar
  • 16,000-pound max load rating
  • Fits all steel cables and synthetic ropes up to 3/8" diameter
  • Removable oversized 5/8" double shear pin
  • Removable oversized 5/8" double shear pin