EconoHome Outdoor Snow Melting Mat

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No More Snow Shovels

EconoHome heated mats melt away snow to keep it from building up. It's time to say goodbye to the tedious and dangerous task of shovelling or removing snow and ice from your roof!

Engineered For Safety

These electric snow melting mats can be fitted with thermostats and optional over-current protection and GFCI. Fit for high-traffic areas, these safeguard against electrocution.

Versatile & Reliable

 Made to thrive in outdoor settings, these heated sidewalk mats can reliably melt snow and ice anywhere you place them. They're ideal for driveways, pavements, and parking bays.

Discreet & Unobtrusive

These user-friendly ice melting mats make snow days easier for everyone. They're completely quiet and won't interfere with your daily life. Plus, they're easy to install.

A Cost-Effective Choice

Smart and practical, our automatic ice melter mats provide heat only where it's needed. They're also built to last–every hot mat roll comes with a 10-year warranty.


Surface  Wattage
SMM-970W-24SQF 24 x 24 970
SMM-1440W-36SQF 36 x 36 1,440
SMM-1950W-49SQF 49 x 49 1,950
SMM-2160W-54SQF 54 x 54 2,160

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