EasyCare - FounTec - Algaecide and Clarifier

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Water Treatment

 Organic polymers that keep the water clean, clear, and algae-free. Kills all types of algae and prevents regrowth in decorative fountains, water gardens (without fish), tabletops, and birdbaths.

  • Fountec’s cationic polymers also super-clarify water.
  • Non-staining.
  • Safe for birds, plants, animals, but NOT FISH – use in tabletop fountains.
  • Treats 300 gallons per ounce. Use 1 drop/gal or 1 tsp per 100 gallons.
  • The natural effect of Fountec’s polymers on water tension makes it an excellent deterrent for the control of mosquitoes, flies, and wasps in fountains, water gardens, and birdbaths.


A small weekly Fountec application added to fountain water becomes absorbed onto the algae and bacteria cell walls. The positively charged polymers coat their surfaces disrupting metabolic functions resulting in suffocation.


  • Safe for all types of surfaces.
  • Kills blue, blue-green, yellow, and black algae types· EPA registered.
  • Non·hazardous, non-foaming, and non-staining.
  • Does not require regular chlorine usage.
  • Deters and prevents mosquito landings on water.
  • Water is safe for birds, plants, and animals.

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