Diablo - DS0705CWR3 - Scrolling Carbide Reciprocating Blade - 7-3/8 inch - 3 Pack

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 Length 7-3/8 inch
Tooth Design Carbide Teeth
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Diablo’s new Demo Demon 7-3/8” 5 TPI Rough-In/Scrolling Carbide reciprocating saw blades deliver an unmatched 50 times longer cutting life, faster cuts, and increased productivity in scrolling and radius cutting applications. These industry first carbide blades are designed with large gullets and a strengthened blade body for fast chip removal and maximum stability in extreme cutting applications.

Diablo’s new optimized tip design provides fast plunge capabilities, saving time and effort when engaging material. In addition, these radical blades feature Perma-SHIELD non-stick coating to prevent gumming and friction for fast, effortless cuts in nail-embedded wood and clean wood.


  • High-performance carbide cutting edge for greater durability and maximum cutting performance
  • Strengthened blade body for scrolling and radius cutting applications
  • Optimized blade height for tight scrolling
  • New tip design provides faster plunge capabilities
  • Aggressive carbide tooth geometry delivers fast and effortless cuts
  • Enhanced carbide tip to blade connection for extreme impact resistance
  • Unique plunge tip design enables faster and easier plunging
  • Large blade gullets between teeth provide fast chip removal
  • Perma-SHIELD resists heat build-up by protecting the blade against gumming and corrosion