DEWALT Circular Saw / Table Saw Blade, 8-1/4-Inch, 40-Tooth Blister

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Material Wood
Item Dimensions LxWxH 9.82 x 0.37 x 10.73 inches
Number Of Teeth 40
Weight 0.94 lbs

SKU: DWA181440
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DEWALT once again proves itself a leader in manufacturing hand tools and accessories with its 8-1/4-in 40-tooth tungsten carbide-tipped steel circular saw blade. With 40 tungsten carbide-tipped steel teeth, this circular saw blade has exceptional durability and wear resistance. In addition, its design features a reinforced shoulder for impact resistance in nail-embedded wood. The plate also features patented slots that reduce vibration against the material you’re cutting, giving you a smooth finish with every cut. Coated with ToughCoat anti-stick coating, this blade is easy to clean. The coat also prevents pitch and resin from gumming up and dulling the blade.

  • Patented body slots reduce vibration for exceptional feel
  • High-density tungsten carbide for toughness, wear-resistance, and long life
  • ToughCoat™ anti-stick coating reduces friction and gumming
  • Thin kerf design for smooth cuts
  • Reinforced shoulder for improved carbide support and impact resistance in nail-embedded wood
  • Optimized for use on both corded and cordless circular saws