Calefactio - Heating Tank with Base Ring

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 Pre-charge Pressure 12 PSI
Max. Operating Temperature 240°F
Max. Operating Pressure 115 PSI

Heating Tank
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The HGTV Series bladder expansion tanks are available in sizes from 13 to 74 gallons in either in-line or stand models.

The two-shell welded construction allows the tank to withstand high pressure and therefore adds safety to your installation. The EPDM bladder separates air from water and prevents waterlogging while saving space and energy.

These devices are indicated for use in hot water, solar and cooling systems, in addition to being compatible with glycol.


  • Full acceptance bladder
  • Compatible with conventional heating & radiant systems, glycol containing systems (up to 50/50 mix), and select solar applications
  • No contact with steel shell means no corrosion
  • Bladder design prevents waterlogging
  • For non-potable water applications only.
 Model Volume (gal) Connection MNPT Pre-charge
HGTV-30 13 1 inch 12 PSI
HGTV-40 21 1 inch 12 PSI
HGTV-60 26 1 inch 12 PSI
HGTV-90 40 11/4 inch 12 PSI
HGTV-110 57 11/4 inch 12 PSI
HGTV-150 74 11/4 inch 12 PSI