Bulletproof - Weight Distribution Adapter

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Weight Adapter
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This solid steel adapter allows you to attach a weight distribution/sway control head to a BulletProof Hitch. After modifying your vehicle's suspension and adding larger tires, you may need a hitch with a longer drop. This accessory is compatible with all BulletProof Hitches and MOST weight distribution/sway control systems. The adapter is 2” wide the holes on the weight distribution adapter are 3/4" diameter and spaced 1-1/4".

Rated to 22,000 lbs. trailer weight & 3,000 lbs. tongue weight when used with Heavy Duty hitches.

Rated to 36,000 lbs. trailer weight 6,000 lbs. tongue weight when used with Extreme Duty hitches.

Note: The BulletProof Locking Pin is not compatible with this Weight Distribution Adapter.

Does not include a weight distribution ball with bars as shown in some of the pictures. It is sold as 1 individual piece to work with existing weight distributions systems.