Brondell O2+ Revive Humidifier Filter, Pack of 3

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Humidifier Filter
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This Brondell PRF-52 O2+ Revive Humidifier Filter One-year replacement filter three-pack humidity filters for one year of use in the o2+ revive are included. Specialty filters and standard replacement filters are not included- sold separately. It's not just an air purifier. The Revive is a premium TrueHEPA air purifier and unique humidifier. Don't just filter your air, refresh it with the Revive. Adding moisture to filtered air not only helps relieve allergy symptoms, stuffy nose, and sinus congestion but it also effectively relieves dry skin and reduces asthma symptoms. Super-efficient evaporative humidification makes for a more consistent humidity level and won't over-saturate the immediately-surrounding area.

  • Evaporative humidification water particles used to humidify the room's atmosphere are small and light-weight and can travel throughout the room.
  • Air purifier and humidifier the humidifier filter and a humidity sensor work together to control the amount of moisture released based on the room's temperature
  • Only for revive the revive humidifier filter pack will only work with the Brondell o2+ revive models pr50-w and pr50-b
  • Other available revive replacement filters the humidifier filters (prf-52) get changed after four months or as needed along with the specialized filters (prf-58)
  • Dimensions 1.12" X 6.25" X 8.75"