Brondell - MVK-10 - HOT/COLD Mixing Valve Upgrade Kit

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 Color Silver
Country of Origin China
Warranty 1 Year Limited
Series Hot/Cold

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The Brondell HOT/COLD mixing valve upgrade kit quickly and easily upgrades your hand held bidet or shattaf sprayer to an adjustable warm water bidet for the utmost comfort and hygiene.  The HOT/COLD mixing valve is compatible with all Brondell CleanSpa handheld bidet products as well as any handheld bidet sprayer system that utilizes a half-inch hose connection. 

The HOT/COLD mixing valve is a snap to install – usually requiring 15 minutes or less:  simply connect the mixing valve to your toilet, connect the hot water T-valve and hose at your sink, and finally attach your existing handheld bidet sprayer to the mixing valve.  Everything you need for standard DIY installation is included. This is the easiest adjustable temperature bidet attachment mixing valve that can be self-installed.


  • Solid metal HOT/COLD adjustable temperature mixing valve
  • Water pressure control for spray adjustability
  • Brass core valve with water shutoff (advanced safety)
  • Includes braided metal hot water connection hose (78” in length, standard 3/8” connection)
  • Includes two hot water connection T-Valves: 3/8” and 1/2” size fit all standard connections
  • No electricity or batteries required
  • Easy installation - works with all toilet fixtures
  • All accessories included for standard installation (Hand Bidet sold separately)
  • 1 year limited warranty