BRK First Alert - SA520B Interconnected Hardwire Wireless Smoke Alarm with Battery Backup

$ 37.99
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Alarm Type Smoke
Power Source Hardwired
Interconnects Yes - Wireless
Battery AA Batteries


The First Alert SA520B Wireless Interconnect Integrated Smoke Alarm links the alarms throughout your home. This 120V AC hardwired wireless detector with battery backup integrates single alarms into a system. By adding Wireless Interconnect battery powered alarms elsewhere, when one alarm sounds, all alarms will be notified. Easily link alarms with the press of a button. The RF Interconnect technology continues to provide a reliable and secure radio frequency communication between Wireless Interconnect alarms. This technology features 915 MHz frequency with 65,000 security codes, and three (3) channel frequency hopping.

Easy access battery drawer: no need to remove an alarm from the ceiling to change battery.

Includes 10-year limited warranty. Meets UL standards.

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