ABUS - File Bar - 22 1/2" Length for 2 Drawers

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File Cabinet Bars
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The ABUS File Bars are the best solution to secure multi-drawer filing cabinets. Easily secure drawer filing cabinets and restrict access to sensitive data in your office; Just close the locking mechanism and lock the bar with an Abus padlock.

The ABUS File Bar has enclosed ends that give it a modern look. These enclosed ends also greatly reduce potential shipping damages. There is a conveniently located knob in the center of the file bar for easy and smooth operation. The file bars can be mounted on the right and left side by simply reversing this knob. There is no longer any need to disassemble the bar. The ABUS File Bar is constructed of heavy 16 gauge steel. All the hinges are locking lugs of 16 gauge steel. All mount screws are included with each bar.



  • Constructed of 16-gauge steel
  • Conveniently located knob allows easy and smooth operation
  • Reversible for left and right side mounting
  • Available in five different lengths
  • Built-in spring-loaded hinge
  • Mounting screws included
  • Meets the DOD's Industrial Security Requirements