ABUS - 6KS 10' Maximum Security Square Chain and Sleeve - 1/4" Diameter Chain Link

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Inside Height
1 "
Inside Width "
Cutting Force
4 tons

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Chain Locks
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ABUS high-security chain is made of hardened steel with a special anti-corrosion coating making it ideal for outdoor use. Each link has a thickness of 1/4", inside height of 1 1/8" and inside width of 3/8".This chain requires 4 tons of cutting force to break through the hardened steel. Made of hardened steel with a special anti-corrosion coating that makes them ideal for outdoor use. ABUS chain links are square-shaped making them virtually impossible to cut. The ABUS chain also features a nylon fabric sleeve to protect surroundings from scratches and damage.


  • Chain made from hardened steel
  • Square-shaped links provide top security against all types of aggressive attacks
  • Fabric sleeve on pre-cut chain lengths prevent surroundings from damage