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Mastrad - Hand Corkscrew

$ 45.99 $ 18.00

Perfect for enjoying your favorite wines, beers and spirits, this corkscrew features a thrifty three-in-one design that's functions as a corkscrew, foil cutting knife and and a bottle opener for your convenience. The corkscrew is made of stainless steel with a Teflon®-coated spiral worm.===

Mastrad - Pastry Bag Set

$ 40.00 $ 14.99

Decorate with the precision of a professional with the Mastrad Pastry Bag Set. Made with flexible, premium silicone, the piping bag is washable and reusable. Set includes 6 interchangeable nozzles for several application-techniques and designs. The stand holds the pastry bag while filling, and makes a convenient storage caddy holding...

Mastrad Oil Mister

$ 14.99 $ 12.99

The Mastrad Oil and Flavor Mister is a low-fat, non-aerosol solution for adding a hint of flavor to your foods. Simply add 3.25 oz. of your favorite oil or vinegar. You can even flavor them with herbs, cheese or garlic - a built-in filter prevents clogging. Pump the top to...

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